How To: Create artistic T-shirts with Avery iron-on transfers

Create artistic T-shirts with Avery iron-on transfers

The pen doesn't have to stop on the paper. Your art masterpiece doesn't have to stay on the canvas. You can share your favorite drawings with everyone, right on your own chest. Wear your art designs with pride by using a scanner/printer, a photo editing application, an iron, and Avery iron-on Dark Fabric Transfer paper. And don't forget your tee shirt.

You can get more information with the step-by-step text instructions.

From Merrill Kazanjian:

"Ah… paintings, there is nothing like staring at a painting all day and night... it's quite riveting, dont you think?

Riveting? Well, yes and no. While I appreciate painting and enjoy visiting museums, every artist making work today has to acknowledge that art has changed with the times, and perhaps a canvas is not the best place to display your artwork. Think about it. 2D works painted on canvas are competing for wall space with flatscreen televisions. Even if you don't have it, imagine yourself with ADHD… what would you choose? Exactly my point.

This tutorial is going to give you an alternative to the gallery wall— a T-Shirt. If you want publicity for your art, don't stick it in a local library exhibition, wear it proudly on your chest."

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