How To: Create the studded bra from Lady Gaga's "Telephone"

Create the studded bra from Lady Gaga's "Telephone"

Okay, so just saying we're going to recreate the bra from Lady Gaga's music video for "Telephone" is a little too, er, general, given that the Queen of Shock wears a bunch of different outfits - and various forms of negligee - in the video.

But we're talking about the rocker chic studded bra she wears in the prison dance sequence (yes, with all the hot scantily clad backup dancers humping on poles). Now that we've narrowed that down for you, check out this tutorial by Threadbanger on how to recreate her sexy bra.

Corinne shows us how-to make her version of the bra Lady Gaga wears in her Telephone music video. Plus, her top 20 style icons. What are yours?

Lady Gaga's Telephone Video:

Hope Perkins:

Twinkle Toes Project:

The Crafty Chica:

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