How To: Customize a pair of Nike Air Force One sneakers

Customize  a pair of Nike Air Force One sneakers

Watch this instructional fashion design videos to customize a pair of Nike Air Force One sneakers. Make sure to clean the shoe with nail polish remover, or acetone to remove the finish. Tape off the areas of the shoe you want to protect. Here is one example of how to paint your Air Force Ones and give them a customized look.

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they look well #$%@ who would wanna do that to ther trainers

hey wat you talking about

Those are some small bottles of acetone... I have a full quart I purchased for about $7 US. It also helps if you dont wanna keep lifting a bottle to fill the cotton... fill a small dish with a few cotton balls... let them soak in the acetone and dab your current cottonball in that (the cottonballs in the dish slow the evaporation down considerably) I do Converse, but im working on techniques for leather/man made uppers. if you need any advice on canvas shoes... hit me up or go to my myspace.

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