How To: Find the capital to start your own clothing line

Find the capital to start your own clothing line

The video presents "How to start your own Clothing Line Business". The steps include getting the financing, designing the prototype outfit/s, producing the line of clothing, promotion and sales. A good way of financing for a small business such as this is to sell your idea to family, friends and even colleagues. Research and prepare the business plan for your clothing line and be passionate about it in your presentation to convince them to fund your business. The next step is to get the product manufactured either within the country or abroad. A prototype can be made by yourself or be ordered but should be done before going into mass production. Get a reliable supplier for your product to ensure that the product is of quality and delivered on time. Always think of ways to promote your product. To get it in a retail store, the line of clothing should be something that people would want to buy. Another way to get your product known is to attend trade shows where new and up-coming brands can display their product to be ordered. Alway stay up to date to your target market. Passion for the product rather than focussing only on profits is the key to success.

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