How To: Make a Buster Keaton style hat

Make a Buster Keaton style hat

In order to make a Pork Pie/Buster Keaton Hat, you will need the following: a felt hat, water, scissors, and a ribbon. There's no sewing needed to make this hat. Submerge the hat in water. Get the hat really saturated. When the hat is fully saturate, place it on a flat surface. Push down on the top of the hat. Your goal is to flatten the top of the hat. Use a glass to help you to mold it. Try to get the edges flat. Now, you need to push the center up. A little. This will create a fold. Next, place objects on the brim to flatten it, while it dries. Your brim should be 2 1/2 to 3 inches. So, you might need to trim your hat with scissors. Attach a ribbon. If necessary, iron the brim.

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