How To: Make a dainty victorian hat from a lampshade

Make a dainty victorian hat from a lampshade

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a Victorian hat from a lampshade with Gwen. You will need: a lampshade, scissors, acrylic paint, paint brushes, glue, a compass, and cardboard. First, take the compass and make the circle as wide as you want your hat to be, then trace your lampshade on the cardboard. Now place the small end of the lampshade around the large circle that you drew. Next, cut these circles out of the cardboard. Leave extra room, don't cut it out exactly on the line. When finished, glue the circles to the ends of the lampshade. Now, use your paint to paint different things onto your hat or paint it one solid color. Let dry and when finished decorate how you prefer!

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OMG LOVE the creepy circus music!!!!! O.O :D

And the hat's pretty darn cool too!!! ;)

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