How To: Make a fashionable duct-tape wallet

Make a fashionable duct-tape wallet

Is That All Duct Tape demonstrates how to make a duct tape wallet. You will need a knife, duct tape of any color and measuring tape. First, rip off a piece of tape about 10 inches long. Put the tape sticky side up. Attach another piece of tape sticky side down on top of it half way down. Fold the first piece of tape on top of the second piece of tape. Add more pieces using the same technique until it is 8 inches tall. Trim the sides so it is even. Fold the piece in half. Seal the side seams with duct tape. Fold the wallet inward into thirds. Emphasize the folds. Create and tape an ID holder to the wallet. Create a coin pouch out of duct tape and adhere it to the wallet in the center fold. Create a card slot and adhere it to the wallet on the last fold. Your duct tape wallet is now ready to be enjoyed.

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