How To: Make a homemade tie dye shirt

Make a homemade tie dye shirt

In order to make a homemade tie dyed T-shirt, you will need the following: a 100% cotton T-shirt, large freezer bags, trash bags, and Tulip fashion dye. You will need a clean working area. Make sure that you are wearing clothes that you won't mind staining. Cover a surface with trash bags. Wet the T-shirt in running water. Put on your gloves. Place a rubber band in the center of a T-shirt. Hold the rubber banded area. Twist it. Next, squeeze the dye onto the T-shirt in a pattern and color style that you choose. Put the T-shirts in the plastic bag. Set aside. After 8 hours, remove the rubber bands. Run them through the rinse cycle in your washing machine. Dry. Wear.

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