How To: Make a peasant (or gypsy) blouse

Make a peasant (or gypsy) blouse

This video shows how to make a peasant blouse, using a T-shirt pattern from a previous video. Take the front of the T-shirt pattern and cut it out of your fabric. You will need two pieces the same, one for the front and one for the back of the blouse. Save the extra fabric from the neckline to add length to the sleeves. Place the two pieces right sides together and sew the side and shoulder seams.

Make the sleeves using the sleeve pattern from the T-shirt. Sew the sleeves onto the blouse, adding on the extra piece from the neckline.

Now take a piece of elastic and cut it to fit snugly around your shoulders. Turn the blouse inside out and make a hem to fit the elastic, leaving an opening to insert the elastic. Attach a safety pin to the elastic, insert it through the opening and pull it through. Sew the ends of the elastic together securely and finish the seam. Finally, make the hem on the bottom, and your blouse is done.

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