How To: Make scarves from old T-shirts

Make scarves from old T-shirts

Making three different scarves out of an old T-shirt is fast and simple. For the first one, lay the t-shirt out flat and cut horizontally from one underarm to the other. Next, cut one layer of the tube. Now cut straight lines every 1/2" inch all the way up to the last inch of fabric. After that, pull on the fringe. For the next scarf, cut under the underarm again. Now, cut off the hem. Fold the tube in half, open end to open end, and cut it down the folded middle. After that, cut one layer of each tube and place them right side to right side on top of each other. Sew the ends. For the last scarf, cut diagonally into the shirt until you are four inches from the end. Keep cutting going around the shirt until the end.

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