How To: Make a skirt out of shirt sleeves with ThreadBanger

Make a skirt out of shirt sleeves with ThreadBanger

This Thread Banger video demonstrates making a skirt from men’s button down shirt sleeves. Brooksie from Haute Sew presents the technique. Two men’s button down shirts are needed. Cut the sleeves off the shirt at the seams and then split them open at the shirt sleeve seams, leaving the buttons in the middle. Pin the sleeves together along the raw edge with wrong sides together and sew them. The panels can be made to alternate colors or in color blocks depending on the style of shirts used. The size of skirt can be altered by changing the size of the shirts used, using more sleeves, or changing the width of the panels. To complete the skirt, trim edges and hem to desired length.

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O.M.G. This is the most entertaining how to vid i think ive ever watched! I gotta go back through and get dudes name. you are too fraking cute dude! Seriously. Like, lick your face, pinch your cheeks adorable! HMU!

p.s. mind BLOWN! Off to chop up some shirts! ,

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