How To: Make a top hat out of duct tape

Make a top hat out of duct tape

Duct tape is so versatile. You can make incredibly cool things out of tape. Duct tape is cheap, tough and sturdy. In this tutorial, learn how to make a very cool project - a top hat! Look just like a punk rock Abe Lincoln with this tall top hat made from duct tape. Get creative - try different colored tape and make fun designs!

Step 1:
Start out with a 25 inch by 8 inch duct tape sheet.
Next, tape it into a cylinder shape.

Step 2:
Then make another sheet 15 inch by 15 inch.
After that, trace a circler object that is the same size as the end of the cylinder and another circular object about 2 more inches wider.

Step 3:
Now you cut out the inside circle (the smaller one) and tape it to the top-inside of the duct tape cylinder.
Last, cut out the outside circle (the bigger one) and tape it on the bottom-outside of the duct tape cylinder.

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