How To: Make your own corset or waist cincher

Make your own corset or waist cincher

This is all about how to make a corset. First you're shown how to trace the pattern onto your chosen material, and then you're shown each step along the way to make a sexy and well fitting corset or waist cincher.

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Great video, I just had a few suggestions that will improve the final garment. The best tools in my sewing room next my trusty old Elna are my snippers and steam generator/ iron.
1. Trim and notch the seam allowanc to let everything lay flat when turned out.
2. Steam press after turning right side out.
3. Add interfacing or other reinforcement under the eyelets for durability.
I found youn your method of installing the eyelets helpful. Happy stitching and Ren fairing!

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