How To: Make your own duct tape hair bow

Make your own duct tape hair bow

This video tells us the method to make a hair bow from a duct tape. You will need a duct tape, scissors and a bobby pin for this purpose. First take a sufficient length of duct tape. Fold it along the breath so that the sticky sides stick to one another. Now we get a duct tape in the shape of a rectangle. Fold the duct tape along its length. This forms a crease at the middle of the duct tape. Fold each half of duct tape along the length to the crease at the middle. This forms two creases at the one fourth of the breath. Overturn the duct tape and fold it into half. The resulting duct tape has three creases. Press the duct tape along the center of the breath along with three creases and put a thin duct tape around it. Take the bobby pin and insert it at the bottom of the tape to fix it in the hair. This completes the task.

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