How To: Make your own feathered hair clip

Make your own feathered hair clip

This video shows how to make a hair pin with small items. This sure looks easy to make.
You would need:
A hair pin
Beads, buttons or stones (from broken or old jewelery)
Small piece of thick cloth
Glue (Hot Glue is good for this as it will glue any surface permanently)

• First take the hair pin and measure length-wise on the cloth. The cloth has to be folded into two before the measurement is taken.
• Cut a square piece around the hair pin. Now if you open the cloth you will get a rectangular piece.
• Then fold it again and cut the corner of the rectangle's open edge round.
• Open the cloth up and place the opened hair pin on one end of this open piece. Close the hair pin and cover the pin with the rest of the cloth like a sandwich. Glue it in place.
• Arrange the feathers on the cloth and when you are satisfied with the design, stick the feathers on the cloth (attached to the hair pin) using the glue.
• Now choose a matching bead or button and decide where to place on your hairpin. Stick the bead in place. Leave it to dry.
• And your own hand-made feather hair pin is ready to use!

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