How To: Prep shoes to customize

Prep shoes to customize

Watch this instructional fashion design video for a quick guide on how to prepare shoes before you paint them. You will need a Magic Eraser, water, a tooth brush, q-tips, masking tape, and acetone (nail polish remover). Get you shoes ready for a specialty customized look.

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you really should consider wearing gloves while handling acetone... It's not exactly terrible for you, but it will dry your skin out quick. Also, since the mr. clean eraser has chemicals within it, it's not really wise to be combining the acetone with it. you lucked out, but some chemicals create gases that will pretty much knock you out before you realize it. good video. oh and... next time adjust the volume so the music doesnt just POP out when youre done talking... your voice was really quiet and then i almost blew my speakers when you threw the tunes on haha.

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