How to Sew an easy and versatile one-piece coverup vest with Gianny L

Bring some excitement to your vest. Accessorize and expand your wardrobe with this stylish multi-functional vest cover-up. This one piece can be re-configured and worn in totally different stylish ways! See how to make a multifunctional vest coverup in this video from GiannyL.

This DIY closet hack is simple and easy, and the vest cover-up is the perfect addition to any wardrobe, with minimal sewing skills required. Try out different colors and fabrics and you can have one for every occasion.

This one piece garment can be used in a myriad of ways to expand your wardrobe - use it as a long vest, a cover up, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Just measure, pin and sew, and you'll soon have a trendy new addition to your wardrobe.

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