How To: Tie dye the spider design on your t-shirt

Tie dye the spider design on your t-shirt

This video shows the viewers how to create a wicked spider pattern on a tie dyed shirt. Our instructor starts by demonstrating on a square piece of fabric. Start by folding your shirt in half sleeve to sleeve. Next, choose the placement of your spider design by picking the twist point, either in the center or slightly higher. Then, start twisting your fabric into a tight spiral using either your fingers or rotating around your table. After tightly tying your finished spiral, prepare your dyes for application. With an applicator, start with a center dot and follow a couple single folds outward in a spiral. Remember to use both sides of your shirt. Afterwards, finish dying your shirt using two colors for the inner and outer spiral on both sides. Let your shirt dry on a piece of paper to drain, and let them "set" in a plastic bag. After a rinse with cold water and a cycle in the wash, your project is finished! What cool designs can you come up with?

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