How To: Tie dye your clothes

Tie dye your clothes

Watch this fashion design tutorial video to learn how to tie dye your clothes. This how-to video features very detailed instructions that make tie dyeing easy for even first timers. The tips in this how-to video will help you tie dye ilike a pro in no time. All you need is dye, soda ash, a bucket of water, a fork, rubber bands, gloves, saran wrap, and paper towels.

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i will make my hippie style shirt now! hahahaha

congrats, nice video.

Grabba hold of ya dread and say,OH MY GOD!OH MY GOD!oh my god,thats cool.

I loved this video! very well done....this will help so much! I'm actually laughing at how I tried to tie dye the first time and it didn't work! Now after watching this I have a better sense of what I was actually supposed to do.....(seriously, my first attempt was pathetic....!!!!)

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