How To: Turn jeans into earth friendly sandals with Gianny L

Turn jeans into earth friendly sandals with Gianny L

Learn how to recycle an old jeans into a earth friendly sandals with Gianny L!

In order to make sandals out of a pair of blue jeans, you will need the following: scissors, cardboard, needle, thread, a sewing machine, a pair of jeans, a pair of flip-flops, chalk, and foam.

Trace the shape of the flip-flops onto the cardboard. Cut them out. Use the cardboard as a pattern. Trace them in chalk. Cut out this pattern, leaving about 1/2" of excess. Sew them together, right side in, leaving an opening. Cut out foam. Place the cardboard and the foam into your jeans. Cut off your pockets. Sew them to the top of your shoes. You can attach the pockets by hand-sewing them.

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these were cool but didnt like the pointed hems

Looks like more of a waste to me since the jeans looked almost new. You should have used a pair that were worn out or ripped. I don't like them because they are ugly. But it's a good idea for recycling some old jeans.

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