How To: Turn a t-shirt into a one piece swimsuit with Gianny L

Turn a t-shirt into a one piece swimsuit with Gianny L

Learn how to turn a t-shirt into a sexy one piece swimsuit. This swimwear project is cheap and easy. The sexy GiannyL demonstrates this DIY closet hack that's simple and cheap. All you need is a t-shirt, pins and a sewing machine. Cut along the pattern Gianny L has demonstrated and sew. Voila! You have a dead sexy one piece swim suit.

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u look great, as well the t shirt...


I think its a nice idea and it looks great but it wont be waterproof... so doesnt that defeat the whole point that is a swim suit? :S

i don't think the men would mind if it got wet

who cares what the men think, it needs to be convenient.

But just asking, what happens if the suit gets wet? Does it help if we pad the chest area?

That's the whole reason she doubled the fabric. There's extra layers to prevent that from happening

i think who ever she is...clark kent will be love it because she can change clothes with faster program ...hahaha

very ingenious even if you don't use a t-shirt. a nice pattern for other fabric.

Love the swimsuit design and you look gorgeous.


total model babe stuff the credit crunch ill buy you a t shirt

I really like the way you handled the fabric on the back side.

Great idea, just don't get in the water

i think when making this you are going to run into a rough draft before you get a perfect one, the shaping was off a little making the front thigh line on the right high like a 90s style suit. but it is a great idea, i'd add some thing around the hem of the legs though. concerns me if it get wet your vagina is hanging out there after the material stretches. maybe use something not cotton?

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