Friday Fresh: From Innocent Asian To She-Weezy

From Innocent Asian To She-Weezy

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This week, we take a look at some great ideas for Halloween costumes. Want to show up at the party with the hottest, most original costume? We've got plenty of ideas right here! These are some of our favorites:

Transform into Lil' Wayne

This transformation from innocent Asian girl to imprisoned rapper is pretty amazing, and convincing. Watch as Promise Phan shows you how to really rock this look, complete with tattoos and grill. 

Give yourself a convincing Glasgow smile

Do you know why it's called a Glasgow smile? It's because it originated in Glasgow, Scotland, where Scottish gangsters would cut their victims' faces from the corner of their mouths to their ears. For added cruelty, sometimes they would add a punch or kick to the gut, resulting in the victim splitting their face when they screamed. This tutorial will show you how to create a (thankfully) fake but convincing Glasgow smile. 

Be a red shirt Trekkie

Everyone knows that anyone who wears red in the Star Trek movies is always the first to die. Make your nerdy point at the Halloween bash with this quick and simple Star Trek Red Shirt costume. 

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