How To: Make a DIY long vest out of a scarf

Make a DIY long vest out of a scarf

This video shows us how to make a DIY long vest out of a scarf in no time! You will need: a wide scarf, matching thread, other colored thread, safety pins, needles, and scissors. First, measure yourself shoulder to shoulder and add 15cm to that number. Next, measure 30cm on each side from the very middle of the scarf. Now, mark that spot with a safety pin and measure out another 30 cm on both sides, marking those spots as well. Now, bind the last two safety pins and sew from the bottom up to the tied safety pins. Do this again on the other side of the scarf. Make sure to leave openings for your arms and head! Enjoy your scarf that you made yourself!

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1 Comment

Very creative, the video is perfect, thanks.

I'm going to make the same thing but I'm going to knit the rectangle in a cotton yarn, with a wide rib around the edges for a bit of stitch variation.

Love it.
Thanks so much for the idea

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