How To: Turn leggings into a bikini with sexy Gianny L

Turn leggings into a bikini with sexy Gianny L

Leggings are comfortable and casual with tunic tops in cooler days, but with warm weather around the corner, you can give them a rest until the fall or turn them into a bikini! Learn how to turn a legging into a bikini with Gianny L. The sexy GiannyL demonstrates this DIY closet hack that's simple and cheap. Bikinis from leggings!

To begin, lay your leggings out on a flat surface, and cut down the middle until you reach the crotch area. Next, lay the pants down facing on the side on top of each other and cut through the side where shorts would be. Now, cut a straight line down the crotch line of the shorts and use a piece of chalk to outline a bikini shape. Cut this out on both sides, the sew together. When finished with that, cut the top of the bikini out of the excess fabric and sew together. When finished, you will have a new bikini in no time!

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