How To: Make a tie dye t-shirt dress with ELLEgirl

Make a tie dye t-shirt dress with ELLEgirl

Joyyan King, Fashion editor and Marsha Welcher shows you how to create a tie dye t-shirt for yourself. A white cotton t-shirt dress is chosen and taken to the work table. Cotton holds the dye well hence it is ideal to go for a cotton dress for tie and dye. Lay out the dress over a table covered with news paper then pinch the center of the dress and twist it to screw it around, the tighter it is twisted the more better the designs would be. After twisting tight it would look like a flower, then take the primary color shake it and spray in the center. Then take another color and spray the accent color in the form of straight line out from the center. Next flip the dress and continue the same process with primary color in the center and the accent color and then let it dry for a minute. After it dries you can open the dress which is now ready to be worn.

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